• Kiehl’s Body Fuel

    Kiehl’s Body Fuel

    Did you know caffeine doesn’t just make your mind alert, but your skin too, reducing puffiness when placed in products? Or that Zinc has anti-microbial properties? Add a little cooling menthol, and vitamins C and E and you have Kiehl’s Body Fuel, an all-in-one energizing body wash that cleanses and revitalizes body, hair and quite possibly the mind.

  • BeardBrand Tree Range Beard Oil

    BeardBrand Tree Range Beard Oil

    Release your inner woodsman with the BeardBrand Tree Range Beard Oil, a potion so manly it may as well have been forged from lumberjacks’ blood. Enjoy a conditioned and shiny beard without the grease and forest scents that include eucalyptus, cedar and pine. Animal magnetism has just been bottled. Grrrrrrr.

  • Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oils

    Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oils

    Indulge your beard and the skin beneath it with Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oils. Your facial fluff will boast a gloss your girlfriend would be proud of thanks to a base foundation of sweet almond oil rich in vitamins A, B and E. Complexions are improved, skin nourished and beards enriched thanks to an array of antioxidants and proteins all found throughout the range which is named after iconic local places such as Corktown and Orchard Lake.

  • Swimmo


    Forget water resistant, the Swimmo is a fully waterproof smartwatch designed for lovers of hardcore watersports. Not only does the 1.29-inch display enable you to track things such as calories spent, heart rate, duration, distance, laps and lengths, but you can upload to your smartphones and challenge others to an in-pool dual.

  • Port Products Texturizing Hair Putty

    Port Products Texturizing Hair Putty

    The ladies will be putty in your hands once your hair’s been styled with this volumizing, strengthening concoction that offers a medium to firm hold. Port Products Texturizing Hair Putty sports a smooth wax-like texture for a semi-matte finish and as it’s water-based washes out easily meaning you won’t wake up to a crunchy, flaky scalp the next day.

  • Killspencer Medicine Ball

    Killspencer Medicine Ball

    Give your workout an extra edge with the Killspencer Medicine Ball. Supple black, pebbled full-grain leather is used to create a made-to-order exercise tool. It’s made in a small Los Angeles workshop by a team of passionate master craftsmen and women who put care in every stitch.

  • Man Cave Shower Gels

    Man Cave Shower Gels

    Smell better than your man cave does with Man Cave Shower Gels, energizing, lathery concoctions that both soothes and hydrates the skin. Awash with an array of natural oils and aromas, each one is vegan friendly and paraben-free and available finished with the manly scents of black pepper, lemon, cedarwood and oak.

  • Octovo Titanium Comb

    Octovo Titanium Comb

    The comb has finally grown up. Definitely not Fonzi’s plastic staple, the Octovo Titanium Comb is a sleekly designed grooming tool that comes in its own leather case. Built to last from Grade5 titanium, it’s lightweight, corrosion resistant, durable and looks pretty impressive.