• Dude Wipes

    Dude Wipes

    Sure to be the butt of some jokes but the biodegradable Dude Wipes are no laughing matter. The all-natural, sustainable crack cleansers, created by scientists, sport no nasty chemicals and can be flushed anywhere. Well, anywhere you’re supposed to flush. The company also supports military and cancer charities. Wave–or wipe– goodbye to skid stains.

  • HyperIce Venom

    HyperIce Venom

    Banish crippling injuries faster with HyperIce Venom, a wearable back device for both warm up and recovery. The wireless, battery-powered belt incorporates state-of-the-art nanotechnology heating coupled with strategically positioned vibration pods that promise to alleviate the likes of stiff and sore backs. Whether you’re a weekend baller or full time pro, this thing has seriously got your back.

  • Fulton & Roark Captiva Cologne

    Fulton & Roark Captiva Cologne

    Smell your very, manly best with the classy Fulton & Roark Captiva Cologne, inspired by the southwest Floridian island of the same name. It’s concocted from natural ingredients such as coconut- and essential oils, resulting in an aromatic, citrus fragrance. A stunning range of scents ideal for a range of seasons.

  • Old Spice Pomade

    Old Spice Pomade

    Style yourself to old school sexiness with Old Spice Pomade. Tame and shape your most unmanageable locks with this iconic matte finish. Apply to wet or dry hair, it’s good for a medium hold and will keep you looking your very polished best all day, every day. Smells pretty good, too. We received products reviewed for free but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

  • Solid State Colognes

    Solid State Colognes

    Smell sweetly in any situation with Solid State Colognes. The pocket-sized, waxed base fragrances are best applied to pulse points like the wrist, neck, and behind the ears, available with the manly scents such as smoky cedar, sandalwood and bergamot. Subtle and fresh fragrances that last for up to six hours.

  • TRX Duo Trainer

    TRX Duo Trainer

    Tried and true gymnastic rings have taken it up a notch with the TRX Duo Trainer. The Duo Trainer’s ergonomic straight handles, Infinity Anchors, and Mobile Grips provide seamless transitions for bodyweight-based routines for every level of user. So you can achieve greater strength, mobility, and endurance.

  • Razor MD Popeye Shave Collection

    Razor MD Popeye Shave Collection

    Have a beard like Bluto? Razor MD Popeye Shave Collection is sure to make light work of it. A range that includes a pre-shave oil, shave cream lather and post shave lotion, it’s crafted using natural ingredients such as wheat germ-, avocado-, castor seed- and of course Olive oils, but, surprisingly, no spinach.

  • Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil

    Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil

    This Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil sure means business. Packaged to look as though it could grease the business end of a V12, its treacle-like consistency makes for a better and more even spread, while the abundance of natural oils will soothe both the hair and the skin, locking in a protective layer and putting an end to embarrassing beard-druff.

  • Philips Norelco OneBlade

    Philips Norelco OneBlade

    A sleek design for the most accurate of facial hair styling whether it’s stubble or Santa-like whiskers. The Philips Norelco OneBlade has raised the bar of personal grooming for a price that’s mouth watering, and you’re promised a smooth and comfortable trim thanks to the replaceable OneBlade technology that means they stay sharp for up to four months.

  • Harry’s Winston Set

    Harry’s Winston Set

    A shave so close you’ll have to be carrying your ID on nights out again, meet Harry’s Winston Set. This super stylish shaving set comprises luxurious foam, durable blades with a flex hinge, lubricating strip and precision trimmer for sharp sideburn lines, while the ergonomic body is forged from die-cast zinc and polished chrome with a rubberized grip.