• Vocier C38 Carry-On

    Vocier C38 Carry-On

    Enjoy convenience on the fly and wrinkle-free attire once you land with the stunning Vocier C38 Carry-On, luxurious luggage with features like Italian leather straps and a Zero Crease compartment. Promises to attract a few envious glances whether you’re seated in the front or back of the plane–this thing’s an award-winner for good reason.

  • ANAFI Parrot Drone

    ANAFI Parrot Drone

    Take your filming and photography quite literally to another level with the ANAFI Parrot Drone. Capable of up to 25 minutes silent flying, the quadcopter’s camera is equipped with an f/2.4 wide angle ASPH lens, HDR, and with up to 2.8x digital zoom, that’s capable of capturing 21MP images and full HD video. The lightweight carbon frame takes seconds to unfold and can reach speeds of 55km/h.

  • LARQ Bottle

    LARQ Bottle

    Meet the world’s very first self-cleaning water bottle, the LARQ Bottle is not only hassle-free, but a great way to help the environment by cutting down on plastic waste–and the energy consumed creating all those unnecessary bottles of water. This clever contraption purifies its contents at the touch of button courtesy of a UVC light.

  • LG PK7 Speaker

    LG PK7 Speaker

    Savor some big, big sounds from this relatively wee device. The LG PK7 Speaker, with the enhancive qualities of Meridian Audio, is complemented by some awesome beat LED lighting that synchronizes to your tunes. The tough construction is weather and splash resistant, Bluetooth enabled and boasts an in-built rechargeable battery meaning fun times, any time.

  • iMow Robotic Mower

    iMow Robotic Mower

    With automated vacuums all the rage, it was only a matter of time before someone used similar technology for its outside cousin, and what a beauty the iMow Robotic Mower is. It takes just a few hours to take care of lawns up to a quarter of an acre in size, and can even navigate pools, slopes and corners. Remember that ice cold beer after cutting the grass? Now you can enjoy one instead of actually cutting it.

  • Peak Design Travel Backpack

    Peak Design Travel Backpack

    We’re loving the minimalistic styling of the Peak Design Travel Backpack that also boasts the accessibility of a suitcase with top, side, front and rear access. Thanks to some cleverly hidden zippers, the recycled nylon canvas carrier, available in black or sage, is ideal for short trips owing to its ability to collapse from a 45-liter hauler into a 35-liter day pack–two for the price of one.