• Dango 007

    Dango 007

    The Dango D007 multi-tool shares the legendary James Bond code name. Much like James Bond, the D007 does not disappoint. The D007 boasts an aluminum frame, leather pocket, silicone cash strap and a multi-tool. It is a highly secure wallet that is so slim, you may forget you have your wallet on you. This multi-tool doubles as a card-holder and cash carrier. Dango also fitted a bottle opener and a hex wrench within its minimalistic design. James Bond would definitely …cotinue reading

  • Boker Magnum Outdoor Cuisine III Folding Knife

    Boker Magnum Outdoor Cuisine III Folding Knife

    This classy Boker Magnum Outdoor Cuisine III Folding Knife resembles the iconic cutthroat razor. There’s a handsome rosewood handle, while its business end is a Japanese Nakiri style blade forged from 440 stainless steel. Not bad for less than 20 bucks–you might want to consider buying a couple to keep in your kitchen and camping and picnic gear.

  • Lever Gear Clip System

    Lever Gear Clip System

    The CLiP system by Lever Gear is basically an assortment of useful containers for EDC. You can store small items like tablets, toothpicks and other things you can’t afford to leave behind. The system is made up of BitLight and BitVault, both of which have additional features like a rechargeable flashlight and a set of screwdriver tips for you to carry along with your own effects. It is light in weight and can be clipped onto your belt, keychain, or …cotinue reading

  • Loewe BILD X Television

    Loewe BILD X Television

    It feels like an entire lifetime since TV’s were so heavy, they were basically furniture. Nowadays, they are much sleeker and you might be thinking, “there’s no way we can improve on the Ultra HD curved TV’s”, Right? Wrong. The new Loewe Bild X TV combines beauty, class, and performance. It is ultra-thin and light, and it outperforms other models available today. It is probably the most stylish gadgets you can add to your living room. It may just be …cotinue reading

  • Tusk Survival Shovel

    Tusk Survival Shovel

    The Tusk Multi-Purpose Survival Shovel is a versatile tool for anyone who wants to up their chances of survival in the snow. This survival shovel is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable. The survival shovel has tools like a snow plow, ice scraper, spade, root cutter, reflector panels, and squeegee making it the ultimate multipurpose traveling companion if you are going for a trip in snowy conditions. It can be used to dig through snow as well as dirt …cotinue reading

  • xDroid RC Car

    xDroid RC Car

    If you are into racing games on your phone or tablet, the xDroid RC car brings your race car gaming fantasies to life. The xDroid RC cars have great control thanks to the Wi-Fi remote control app that you can install on your smartphone. The app works seamlessly from 260 feet away to allow you to show off your RC driving skills in speed racing, sharp cornering, and awesome maneuvers right out of the box. You can change the car …cotinue reading