• Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron

    Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron

    A rugged piece of kit befitting all manner of crafts- and tradesmen–and women–the Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron feels sturdy enough to stop a bullet (but don’t try it, it won’t!). Chiseled by hand from 16oz water resistant canvas, it features reinforced pockets, steel rivets and grommets and removable shoulder pads for added comfort.

  • Homitt Soft Cooler

    Homitt Soft Cooler

    Chill with up to 30 cans of your favorite beers (or sodas–yeah, right!) with the Homitt Soft Cooler. Unsurpassed cooling comes courtesy of its closed cell insulation that’s three layers deep and leak-proof, with high-density foam, along with make-life-easier features such as detachable padded shoulder straps, side handles and a no-sweat, anti-bacterial finish.

  • James Halifax

    James Halifax

    Meet our new favorite everyday tool, the James Halifax is one sly, subtle, sexy beast. Minimal and beautiful, the cleverly carved slip of titanium incorporates a bottle opener, two screwdriver heads–flathead and Philips–a scraper and a pry bar and can be easily affixed to a paracord or keychain for easy access.

  • Sony Digital Paper

    Sony Digital Paper

    Some seriously high-spec tech has gone into ensuring that Sony Digital Paper offers the experience of the real thing, even down to its paper-like texture that enables precision writing and sketching. Other user-friendly features include a high-contrast, low-glare display along with an app to transfer notes and documents between devices. And it all only weighs a notepad-mirroring 8.5oz.

  • Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle

    Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle

    This cool looking ride may have some seriously retro aesthetics, but its 21-speed design is strictly 21st century. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bicycle is built around an aluminum city frame–available in a men’s and women’s shapes–with a Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur, SRAM grip shifters, and Schwinn suspension fork and crankset along with a swept-back handlebar with an adjustable stem to ensure the most comfortable of upright riding positions.

  • Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

    Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

    Give even the most primitive campsite an added layer of comfort with the Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad. It is innovatively designed to limit air movement and heat loss so you get the best support and comfort all night long. Weighing only 18.1 oz, it’s exceptionally compact but incredibly rugged. Made from 75D polyester, it has superior tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance and an anti-microbial laminate for added protection.

  • Bison Softpak Cooler

    Bison Softpak Cooler

    Bison by name, bison by nature, the Bison Softpak Cooler is one tough beast. Encased within tear-resistant 1000 denier vinyl is enough insulation to keep ice for up to 24 hours even in 120-degree heat. Available in black, blue, sand, and, er, pink, it’s made in the USA with space for 12 cans.

  • Drunk Stoned or Stupid

    Drunk Stoned or Stupid

    The ultimate party game that promises to raise a few laughs after you’ve raised a few glasses, Drunk, Stoned or Stupid sees players draw cards with amusing “Who’s most likely to …” questions along the lines of “risk life for epic selfie” or “lose their pants.” The group names and shames the most likely candidate and whoever has the most cards at the end loses. Not recommended for sensitive souls.

  • Gravity Industries Jet Suit

    Gravity Industries Jet Suit

    Offering superhuman-like capabilities to every day (but super-wealthy) Joe, the Gravity Industries Jet Suit lets you soar through the air powered by a 1,050-hp piece of kit. This is one serious device that takes plenty of training to master not to mention a Tony Stark-like bank balance to purchase–and a real-life Iron Man you may become, but just don’t go getting all vigilante.

  • Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

    Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

    Designed to make your dog more visible on night walks, the Illumiseen LED Dog Collar might also inspire you to take him clubbing too. The funky neon set-up includes a leash and collar with rechargeable LED lighting strips that can be set to steady, rapid or flash modes. Your pooch will most certainly not go unnoticed.