• Winkler Knives WK Bottle Opener Knife

    Winkler Knives WK Bottle Opener Knife

    The no-nonsense Winkler Knives WK Bottle Opener Knife looks lifted straight from Batman’s utility belt thanks to its 80CrV2 blade steel construction with a no-glare, black oxide finish and skeletal tang. There’s a handy bottle opener to the back of the blade, and a molded sheath with lanyard. The brand is in fact a favorite of superheroes of other kinds– elite US fighting forces.

  • Master & Dynamic MW50+

    Master & Dynamic MW50+

    Heaving with features and positively pulsing with rich sound, the Master & Dynamic MW50+ sports heavy grain premium cowhide leather cups with lambskin headband and pads for the maximum comfort, powered by 40mm Beryllium high-performance drivers and an aluminum antenna for an unrivaled signal. Enjoy Bluetooth capabilities and a 16-hour battery life.

  • Grande Utopia EM Evo

    Grande Utopia EM Evo

    The Grande Utopia EM Evo is the latest flagship model in Focal’s repertoire. The French Speaker maker, renowned for quality sound systems, has created one of its best creations yet. It is sturdier, better aligned, and most importantly, improves upon the high-quality sound we have come to expect of Focal-made speakers. Some of the new features include the Machined Reinforcement Rings (MRR) that improve rigidity, Tuned Mass Damping (TMD) suspension that enhances phase performance, and the Neutral Inductance Circuit (NIC) …cotinue reading

  • Xbox Adaptive Controller

    Xbox Adaptive Controller

    Gaming is an enjoyable activity that people with disabilities and/or mobility issues have been, sadly, alienated from. If you are disabled, you may find it challenging to use the ordinary game controllers. Fortunately, Microsoft has teamed up with designers and manufacturers to design the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It features a d-pad and two large face buttons for ease of access. It also has multiple ports to allow you to integrate third-party components that will allow you to enjoy the gaming …cotinue reading

  • Sunset Hombre Hammock

    Sunset Hombre Hammock

    A must for your outdoor kit the Sunset Hombre Hammock is highly portable and easily stored thanks to an included tote and, owing to its lustrous handwoven soft yard construction, won’t leave that unsightly waffle imprint on your skin. Other nifty features include an anti-flip and weather resistant finish.

  • S’well Roamer Growler

    S’well Roamer Growler

    A growler to out-roar and out-adventure all others, the S’well Roamer Growler is offered with 40- or 54-ounce capacities with an incredible triple-wall construction meaning not only will it keep your drink chilled for up to 24 hours, but will also remain condensation-free. Gold and teakwood are among the five finishes available.