• Titanium Micro Blade

    Titanium Micro Blade

    An everyday carry for every occasion, the exquisite Titanium Micro Blade is a high-end tool without a high-end price tag. Military inspired, the blade is forged from American S35VN powder steel, the body from Grade 5 titanium, with a handy fire starter notch and an optional carbide glass breaker, and clip.

  • Light Phone 2

    Light Phone 2

    If you want to take a break from all of your apps and social media, but don’t want to ditch your phone altogether, how can you combat the addiction? One way is to use the Light Phone 2. It’s a small, lightweight 4G LTE phone with a black & white e-ink display that gives you only the essentials: basic phone functions plus notifications and messaging, a clock, and contacts. It encourages you to spend quality time doing the things that …cotinue reading

  • Segway Loomo Robot

    Segway Loomo Robot

    Loomo is a new robotic transport from Segway that works just like a mini-transporter when you’re riding it, reaching speeds of up to 11 mph with a range of over 20 miles. When you are not on it, it has autonomous robotic functionality. It can teach you how to ride and it can follow you autonomously wherever you go and even take video and images. It can be controlled with your voice, gestures, touch, or it can be controlled remotely …cotinue reading

  • Gogglesoc


    Help save the world as you save your snow sports eyewear with Gogglesoc. The protective goggle cover–that can be worn even when with your helmet on–is crafted from microfiber made from recycled plastic bottles and finished with cool patterns that incorporate the likes of orca and avocados. Profits also go towards combating climate change.

  • KeySmart Pro with Tile

    KeySmart Pro with Tile

    Transform your keyring into an almost literal Swiss army knife thanks to the ingenious KeySmart Pro with Tile. Not only does it allow you to always find your keys through smart location tracking, but comes equipped with an LED flashlight and bottle opener and allows your keys to be neatly folded away, along with optional extras like a USB drive, blade or pen.

  • SWIFT Bag From Tronnovate

    SWIFT Bag From Tronnovate

    The Swift backpack from Tronnovate Design may be the best backpack we’ve ever seen. It stands out from the crowd with a unique zipper that zigzags across the length of the pack. This allows quick, easy access to everything inside, without having to rummage through it and spill everything out. You can now access everything easily and without hassle. It also sports an internal sleeve for your tablet or laptop, plus a drawstring pouch for things like your gym gear. …cotinue reading