• Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

    Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard

    This one will be atop of many a kid’s Christmas list this year–and quite a few of the parents’ too–the Boosted Mini x Electric Skateboard can reach a top speed of 20mph and is good for up to 14 miles. Takes less than two hours to fully charge, has three modes and deep dishes in the deck for a secure footing–commuting’s never been so exhilarating, you’ll be out of bed before the alarm.

  • Satechi Type-C Card Reader

    Satechi Type-C Card Reader

    Compatible with most of the big boy brands, the Satechi Type-C Card Reader offers some of the fastest transfer rates out there–think 312MB/s. Edit images and videos at superspeed, while the two-in-one design also means greater productivity as you can use both microSD and SD cards at once. The brushed aluminum finish is also very cool.

  • ABUS SmartX Lock

    ABUS SmartX Lock

    Don’t let some undesirables snag your prized two-wheel ride, get smart with the ABUS SmartX Lock. This bike lock with a difference is not only forged from specially hardened steel but boasts an ear drum-bursting 100dB alarm, USB port and GPS location, while its user-friendly keyless locking system seamless synchs with your cellphone.

  • Elliston Deluxe	 City Bike

    Elliston Deluxe City Bike

    The Elliston Deluxe City Bike is timeless, simple, and classic. The frame is flat-black with chrome accents and features mustache-bars, a coaster brake, and 35c tires. It also has a bottle opener! It is lightweight and customizable with a few different features like a pannier rack, porteur rack, or a bell. This simple design comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You can also upgrade to a 3-speed for an extra fee. Whether you are commuting to work …cotinue reading

  • Montblanc RED Fountain Pen

    Montblanc RED Fountain Pen

    The Montblanc Red Fountain pen is made with the quality and attention to detail that you expect from the Montblanc brand. Writing with this pen will be fun, elegant, and smooth. The outside of the pen is a stunning red while the interior is a beautiful stainless steel. It comes with free shipping, engraving, and nib exchange. Fountain pens make a beautiful and classy gift. Get it engraved for a personal touch! Montblanc also provides replacement ink cartridges, so you’ll …cotinue reading

  • Wolfpoint Watches

    Wolfpoint Watches

    A highly stylish range of timepieces that belie their highly affordable price tags, Wolfpoint Watches are crafted in-house using the likes of scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and Swiss-made mechanics. Proudly inspired by the company’s founding city of Chicago, choose from Horween leather or stainless steel gunmetal straps complemented by boldly colored faces offset by golds, silvers or blacks.

  • Slater Designs Surfboards

    Slater Designs Surfboards

    A range of wave-riders that, though minimalistic in design, boasts a state-of-the-art feature in the form of a strip of aerospace composite that runs down the center offering optimal flex from nose to tail. Slater Designs Surfboards are yours in a choice of four styles: Cymatic, Gamma, Omni, or Sci-Fi.

  • Aquatech AxisGo System

    Aquatech AxisGo System

    AxisGo by Aquatech is a smartphone imaging solution that encases your smartphone in their waterproof product. Professional water photographers and videographers will love that it allows photography with a fully submerged smartphone. The case is waterproof and impact-resistant. The AxisGo is the product of hundreds of hours of research and testing done with some of the most famous water photographers in the world. The AxisGo includes touchscreen membrane, interchangeable lens port, robust top, and bottom mounting brackets, pistol grip kit, …cotinue reading

  • Temi Personal Robot

    Temi Personal Robot

    The future is here. The Temi personal robot is more functional than an Alexa, and more affordable than a real personal assistant. Temi is one of the first fully functional robots that completely interact with humans to help complete tasks. It helps you connect with friends, smart devices, media, check current events, and anything else you might need. It can take videos, move from room to room, and assist you with any needs you might have. The whole family will …cotinue reading

  • Pillbox Shark Bats

    Pillbox Shark Bats

    Available in “baby” or regular sizes, the Pillbox Shark Bats boast plenty of baseball and military heritage. Carved from glorious ash wood, each Minnesota-made piece has been painted to mimic the nose art of vintage warplanes of yesteryears. Just above the grip is the iconic Pillbox Bat Co. stamp. Hang it on the wall or get swinging, items don’t get much more classically American than this.