iPod & iPhone

  • SnapGrip


    No matter how fine your smartphone photographic capabilities, it’s never as satisfying as holding a real-life camera in your hand. Now you can do both with the Snapgrip, a clip-on camera control that includes a shutter button, zoom, 8-position mode selector, tripod screw mount and a micro-USB port to replenish your internal battery.

  • Felt


    Get creative and earn some brownie points with Felt. The art of writing (with ink) and sending cards has been lost in this online age and this new app offers a fine solution to our laziness. Simply choose your design, select a pen and ink color, compose your message then swipe over to the envelope to enter the mailing details and you’re done. They’ll print the handwritten message on premium Mohawk card stock, seal and send in the real mail. …cotinue reading

  • ChargeCard iPhone 5

    ChargeCard iPhone 5

    There are plenty of portable charging devices on the market nowadays, but none like this. ChargeCard iPhone 5 is slim enough to slide into your wallet and boasts a standard foldout 2.0 USB that will work with all ports. Such is the ingenuity of the design, the plug is strong enough to take the full weight of the phone should there no solid surface to rest it on.

  • Absolute Technology Linkase

    Absolute Technology Linkase

    Few things in life are as frustrating as seeing no bars on your smartphone, so kiss goodbye to internet drought with the Absolute Linkase which promises to boost your Wi-Fi signal by up to 50 percent thanks to its nifty, discreet slide in-out antenna and electromagnetic waveguide sensor. Regardless of all that cleverness, it still manages to retain a bulk-free design and is available in a range of stylish hues.

  • Bluelounge MiniDock

    Bluelounge MiniDock

    If there’s tidier, more discreet iGadget charger out there, we’ve yet to come across it. The Bluelounge MiniDock eliminates the need for tiresome cables, instead attaches straight to your existing USB power adapter, holding your device in place and leaving your kitchen counter or desktop clutter-free. Great for traveling too, it’ll fit iPhones 4, 4S and 5 as well as all iPods.

  • Sena Ultraslim Classic

    Sena Ultraslim Classic

    It is, they say, the thinnest leather case ever designed for any mobile device in history. While there are plenty of bulkier cases out there that offer substance over streamline, the Sena Ultraslim Classic is the way to go if minimalism is your thing. There are speaker openings in premium stitched leather that gives way to a soft, velvet lining.