iPod & iPhone

  • Sena Ultraslim Classic

    Sena Ultraslim Classic

    It is, they say, the thinnest leather case ever designed for any mobile device in history. While there are plenty of bulkier cases out there that offer substance over streamline, the Sena Ultraslim Classic is the way to go if minimalism is your thing. There are speaker openings in premium stitched leather that gives way to a soft, velvet… continue reading
  • Currency


    A highly useful tool from Apple, Currency offers a fast, simple, secure and up-to-the-second convertor for travelers, linking to over 160 currencies worldwide. They can be accessed via name, code or nation with each given a designated flag. You can store your favorites and even track the historical trends to decide upon the best time… continue reading
  • iPhone 5 KnuckleCase

    iPhone 5 KnuckleCase

    With countless smartphone protectors out there, manufacturers need to come up with some highly original – and useful – designs to stand out, and they don’t get much more innovative than this. The iPhone 5 KnuckleCase certainly isn’t the sleekest on the market, but sure does offer the best grip. Forged from… continue reading
  • Designed By M AL13 Aluminum Bumper

    Designed By M AL13 Aluminum Bumper

    Built from aerospace aluminum, resistant to both heat and fracture, Designed By M AL13 Aluminum Bumper is as tough as it is feather-lite. Slim and discreet protection for your phone, it boasts a stylish anodized finish and features a high-impact, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare polyurethane screen protector along… continue reading
  • Station iPhone Caddy

    Station iPhone Caddy

    A neat little idea to keep your life a little neater. The Station iPhone Caddy is a cool desk de-clutterer, with various slots to take care of your keys, loose change, pens, sunnies and smartphone. Its understated elegance will add style to any surface, and for all the green-warriors, it’s eco-friendly, too, made from 100% bamboo.… continue reading
  • V-Moda Metallo

    V-Moda Metallo

    A case with both style and substance, the Italian designed V-Moda Metallo is solid and lightweight, can stand upright and houses inner foam and a clear film to offer untold protection for your phone. It’s also been designed to work in conjunction with the firm’s VAMP VERZA mobile Hi-Fi amplifier, to turn your phone into a… continue reading
  • Hitcase Pro

    Hitcase Pro

    Revolutionize the way you use your iPhone with the Hitcase Pro, a case to truly put your mind at ease. Not only has it been used in high vibration environments such as motocross and race tracks, but it’s waterproof to 33 feet – the deepest of any iPhone case out there. Your touchscreen can be used with ease and the free Vidometer… continue reading
  • Hater


    Oh how we wish that there was a “middle-finger” button instead of the thumbs-up “like” ones for all of those attention-seeking statuses, smug dating pictures or annoying Facebook updates. Well, Hater is the next best thing. An app that allows you to share all the things that get your goat, whether it be politicians,… continue reading