iPod & iPhone

  • Instrument 1

    Instrument 1

    Taking your iGadget’s capabilities to a whole new universe, the Instrument 1 is absolutely spectacular. Using your device as its brain, it boasts a fret-board and a strum surface and is crafted from oiled wood and premium metals for a realistic feel and finish to be used as a guitar, banjo, violin, bass and more.

  • Blue Lounge Kii

    Blue Lounge Kii

    No matter how organized you think you are, admit it, you do occasionally find yourself caught short when it comes to powering your iGadgets. Remain on top of your topping up with the Blue Lounge Kii, a versatile and lightweight wireless charging device designed to fit on your key ring.

  • Blue Lounge Saidoka

    Blue Lounge Saidoka

    A docking station with a difference, the Blue Lounge Saidoka boasts a great design that allows for your iPhone to rest at a shallower angle, making it easier to use when sat at your desk. Plugs into the USB port of your computer or adapter to enable charging and also sports high-tech Japanese micro suction pads to keep it firmly in place.

  • Wally iPhone Wallet

    Wally iPhone Wallet

    We love killing two birds with one stone at GearCulture (metaphorically, we don’t actually throw rocks at sweet little winged creatures in our spare time or anything.) and the Wally iPhone Wallet does just that. A nifty space saver, it’s a streamlined sticky leather card and cash carrier that will affix to the back of your iPhone, and most cases.

  • iZZi ORBIT

    iZZi ORBIT

    A smartphone case that makes your smartphone smarter still. The iZZi ORBIT not only protects your gadget, but boasts a raised grip to make it feel as though you’re holding a real camera while improving the picture-taking capabilities by not once, not twice, but three times. Just like that lady. It sports a fish eye, wide angle and telephoto lens and is available in white, black or red.

  • Survivor x Catalyst Waterproof Case

    Survivor x Catalyst Waterproof Case

    No matter what the conditions or where you are, you’ll never have to worry about your smartphone again with the Survivor X Catalyst Waterproof Case. It’s submersible to ten feet, packs shock-absorbing bumpers and a PET Integrated screen cover and the tough polycarbonate frame still enables you to access the device with all its trimmings with ease.