• Grace Digital aptX

    Grace Digital aptX

    Pair up to eight devices at once at up to 30 feet apart to the Grace Digital aptX Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. Untangle your life and go cable free as you enjoy music throughout your house and garden, and even give your friends and family a turn at choosing the tunes. Available in three colors.… continue reading
  • Libratone Loop Speaker

    Libratone Loop Speaker

    Simply beautiful in both looks and sound quality, the Libratone Loop Speaker sports a pair of ribbon tweeters and a bass radiator all enclosed within a swappable wool grille available in a host of hues. Small enough for a nightstand, it can also be wall-mounted and boasts Wi-Fi capabilities controlled via its very own app.… continue reading
  • Geneva Labs Wireless Model M

    Geneva Labs Wireless Model M

    Geneva Labs decided to cut the cord off its popular audio system to enhance its functionality, portability and style. Equipped with Bluetooth A2DP, the Model M offers wireless audio streaming to easily position in any areas of a room. Four amplifiers with 60W enhance the audio output, it’s bright LED display and touch sensitive… continue reading
  • Harman Kardon Onyx

    Harman Kardon Onyx

    Contemporary, cool and classy, the Harman Kardon Onyx cements the brand as one of the greatest innovators of acoustics out there. Art-like aesthetics, it’s stainless steel design houses Bluetooth, Airplay and DLNA capabilities and will connect to all your favorite devices. Sports an advanced four-speaker platform and dual… continue reading
  • Change the Record

    Change the Record

    As innovative as it is cool, Change the Record is a true blend of the best of past and present. Taking an iconic 12-inch LP, it is then recycled to form a speaker-like vessel to enhance your smartphone sound. No wires, no electricity, simply press play, drop in your device and enjoy.… continue reading
  • 11+ Sound1

    11+ Sound1

    Pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices and computers alike, 11+ Sound1 offers rich, crisp and clear stereo sound. Embedded magnets mean they can be joined to make one, while the handy empty space below tidies away tiresome cables. The minimalistic design looks great, with them being slightly angled and sporting ambient LED illumination… continue reading
  • Jawbone Mini Jambox

    Jawbone Mini Jambox

    Small and tough enough to chuck into your knapsack for everyday use the Jawbone Mini Jambox also boasts an app that gives you one-touch access to all your saved and streaming music. It’s colorful, entirely customizable and even ageless as it’s been designed to accommodate new features as they roll out. Looks, and sounds,… continue reading
  • Nude Audio

    Nude Audio

    A funky collection of portable Bluetooth speakers up for grabs in two colorways and available in three sizes, Nude Audio is the ultimate in aural on the move. Plug straight in or stream your tunes, it boasts a thick, smooth protective silicone sleeve for ultra-toughness and the 8-hour battery life should cover just about every occasion.… continue reading