• Wood Speaker

    Wood Speaker

    Crafted from beech with a funky contrasting red braided cloth covered cable, the Wood Speaker may look minimalistic, but its roar is anything but. The built-in amplifier offers a ferocious blast, while the organic case provides clean and balanced acoustics. The rechargeable battery is good for up to five hours and it’s compatible… continue reading
  • Bang & Olufsen Beosound Essence

    Bang & Olufsen Beosound Essence

    Experience the mightiest of sounds with the flick of your finger thanks to the Bang & Olufsen Beosound Essence. Connect via your smartphone, computer, tablet or B & O active speakers and enjoy your tunes with one simple touch. Compatible with AirPLay and boasts DNLA streaming capabilities. It can even directly access the likes… continue reading
  • ClearView Clio Speaker

    ClearView Clio Speaker

    A multi-award winner, the ClearView Clio Speaker will add both sound and style to your space. Never before has an audio system been fed courtesy of Edge Motion technology, and never before has one been, well, invisible. Bluetooth-enabled, numbers are limited and it’s available with a fetching dark bronze, charcoal or silver… continue reading
  • Woodbourne Speaker

    Woodbourne Speaker

    From Polk comes a high performance two-way sound system that truly delivers. The Bluetooth- and Airplay-enabled Woodbourne Speaker allows not only streaming of music and television audio, but features a built-in four-channel amp which enables you to fine-tune your tunes. Boasting acoustic suspension tuning and full component… continue reading
  • JBL Voyager

    JBL Voyager

    An all-new cable-free home audio system with detachable wireless speaker, the JBL Voyager boasts full-range drivers and a subwoofer good for the most thunderous bass. Fill your home with a rich sound, then when it’s time to go, simply unclick the removable wireless speaker and show off your sounds elsewhere for up to five hours.… continue reading
  • Ion Audio Road Warrior

    Ion Audio Road Warrior

    If mammoth sound still ain’t loud enough for you, check out the Ion Audio Road Warrior, a portable Bluetooth speaker system with some serious anger-management issues. The 200W beast houses a pair of ten-inch woofers fused to a couple of one-inch tweeters. On top of the streaming capabilities, you can listen to the radio too.… continue reading
  • HiddenRadio2


    Improving the near-perfect original, HiddenRadio2 is one of the finest looking and finest performing Bluetooth speakers on the market. New innovative features include MultiPoint functionality, smart alarm, NFC, an automated protective cap with top touch sensitive smart controls that means it’s even easier to use. The battery… continue reading
  • Samsung Sound Stand

    Samsung Sound Stand

    Speakers that double as a TV stand, the sumptuous Samsung Sound Stand is the company’s very first attempt at the pedestal-style sound bar. And they’ve knocked it straight out of the park. Good for TV’s from 32 to 55 inches, it sports an in-built subwoofer and a deep 4.2 channel multi-directional sound. The Bluetooth-enabled… continue reading