• Proper Audio PA1

    Proper Audio PA1

    What battery-powered Bluetooth speaker sacrifices for portability, the PA 1┬áby StudioProper does not. Wired for power to deliver high-quality, room-filling sound, this compact speaker is ideal for any indoor application. The mesh and machined aluminum exterior goes great with any decor, and the Bluetooth connectivity lets you… continue reading
  • JBL Pulse

    JBL Pulse

    While we’ve had the pleasure of blasting myriad wireless sound systems, we can’t recall ever testing one with its own disco lights before. JBL Pulse boasts a ten-hour battery, Bluetooth and its own programmable LED light show that pulses to the beats. A pair of high-performance drivers and built-in bass port offer sublime… continue reading
  • DacMagic XS

    DacMagic XS

    Smaller than a matchbox and with far more spark, DacMagic XS offers big ‘n’ bad bass for your laptop. Transforming your computer’s sound with an instant auto audio upgrade, whether for gaming, movie watching or music, it’ll be just as the creators intended. Sports an in-built amp and is USB-enabled so a cinch… continue reading
  • Revo SuperConnect

    Revo SuperConnect

    With a decade of award-winning designs under their belts, these guys know a thing or two about aural technology. The Revo SuperConnect is a culmination of that knowledge, a digital radio like no other. Enjoy a nigh-on limitless supply of music from around the globe and access your personal collection in an instant. Connects to all manner… continue reading
  • Sonos Play:1

    Sonos Play:1

    Incredible sound courtesy of a custom-designed 3.5-inch mid-woofer and tweeter with an amplifier each, the Sonos Play:1 is compatible with just about every device there is. Idiot-proof set-up, you can build a collection for each room around the house, playing the same song everywhere, or a different one in each. Stream your whole music… continue reading
  • Grace Digital aptX

    Grace Digital aptX

    Pair up to eight devices at once at up to 30 feet apart to the Grace Digital aptX Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers. Untangle your life and go cable free as you enjoy music throughout your house and garden, and even give your friends and family a turn at choosing the tunes. Available in three colors.… continue reading
  • Libratone Loop Speaker

    Libratone Loop Speaker

    Simply beautiful in both looks and sound quality, the Libratone Loop Speaker sports a pair of ribbon tweeters and a bass radiator all enclosed within a swappable wool grille available in a host of hues. Small enough for a nightstand, it can also be wall-mounted and boasts Wi-Fi capabilities controlled via its very own app.… continue reading
  • Geneva Labs Wireless Model M

    Geneva Labs Wireless Model M

    Geneva Labs decided to cut the cord off its popular audio system to enhance its functionality, portability and style. Equipped with Bluetooth A2DP, the Model M offers wireless audio streaming to easily position in any areas of a room. Four amplifiers with 60W enhance the audio output, it’s bright LED display and touch sensitive… continue reading