• Fugoo Bluetooth Speakers

    Fugoo Bluetooth Speakers

    What makes Fugoo’s new Bluetooth Speaker lineup different from others on the market? One, they created a speaker that offers a true 360-degree sound thanks to six dedicated drivers placed on four sides, including 2 tweeters, 2 mid/woofers and 2 passive radiators. Two, it’s ¬†offered in three different models with interchangeable cases to fit your different lifestyles. And three, it’s water-, dust-, dirt- and snow-proof. They even come with optional accessories like mounts, straps and a wearable wireless remote compatible …cotinue reading

  • Dash7


    Light in weight, heavy in sound, the Bluetooth-enabled Dash7 is an incredible addition to the aural world. Absolute state-of-the-art technology, it’s less than an inch thick and weighs only 7.1oz. The patented bass-battery offers half a day of juice, further backed by an optional subwoofer and the built-in noise-cancelling mic enables speakerphone and conference calling capabilities.

  • E25 Luna Eclipse

    E25 Luna Eclipse

    A simply stunning 2.0 Bluetooth speaker set in both sight and sound, the E25 Luna Eclipse is perfect for desktops and parties. It sports easy to use touch sensitive controls, with power and track change courtesy of a simple finger sweep. The speakers house a three-quarter-inch tweeter and three-inch driver good for 74 watts with generous bass radiators. DSP and DRC reduce distortion. Even at full-whack, expect a clean sound.

  • SoundDew


    Can’t bear to be away from your music, no matter what your predicament? Then invest in a SoundDew water-resistant wireless speaker good for any situation, no matter how wet. The in-built loop makes for easy positioning while the long-life rechargeable battery makes for an easy life. It’ll connect to any of your Bluetooth gadgets.

  • Harman Kardon Nova

    Harman Kardon Nova

    Constructed with absolute attention to the tiniest detail to ensure the delivery of the grandest of sounds, Harman Kardon Nova is both an eye and ear catcher. Beneath a cool transparent enclosure rests a wireless stereo speaker system with extended bass boost courtesy of performance-tuned 2.5-inch drivers and 1.25-inch tweeters. Compatible with any analogue, optical, or Bluetooth device.

  • Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier

    Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier

    Get the absolute best from your cans with a Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier. A listening experience like no other, it boasts a mega high quality analogue signal path, a stellar amp, a host of inputs and its very own Analogue Spatial Processing all housed in a dual-skin design to fend off interference. You’ll never have heard anything quite like it.

  • P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker

    P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker

    A sound so immense, the housing need to be forged from concrete. The P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker is a gesture-controlled gem with a pair of 6W amps, a front-firing 3.5-inch speaker and 2-inch surface transducer for added warmth. You’ll find no audio jack, with all tunes streamed wirelessly from your smartphone or media player. A nice added touch is the option to build it yourself from open source plans.

  • B&O Beolab 18

    B&O Beolab 18

    Superb styling spewing superb sound, B&O Beolab 18 is forged from wood and aluminum with a choice of a floor or wall-mounted design. Vertical towers of audio sensation, they pack a pair of four-inch mid-range drivers powered by 160-watt amps and acoustic lens tweeters operating on a 24-bit wireless frequency. You’ll have never heard anything quite like it.

  • Wall of Sound 2.0

    Wall of Sound 2.0

    Remember the guitar amp scene in Back to the Future? Just replace the guitar with and iDevice and this is something like that. The WOS 2.0 (short for Wall of Sound) is the biggest iPhone speaker you will find. A wall measuring 3.25′ tall x 5.5′ wide, and weighing a mammoth 390+ pounds, this speaker boast 44 speakers with individual chambers, two subwoofers and a tube amplifier. That said, the speaker also has safety features to protect your ears from …cotinue reading

  • Proper Audio PA1

    Proper Audio PA1

    What battery-powered Bluetooth speaker sacrifices for portability, the PA 1 by StudioProper does not. Wired for power to deliver high-quality, room-filling sound, this compact speaker is ideal for any indoor application. The mesh and machined aluminum exterior goes great with any decor, and the Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair up to 5 devices at once.