• NudeAudio Studio 5

    NudeAudio Studio 5

    The firm’s first static speaker for the home, NudeAudio Studio 5 is also way bigger than anything else they’ve released. And we’re not just talking size. The intriguing shape incorporates Bluetooth, a Lightning connector and docking station for the latest iDevices, while down the bottom there’s a bass port and three-positioned adjustment dial.

  • Grace Digital Encore Music System

    Grace Digital Encore Music System

    Fusing retro styling with contemporary sound, the Grace Digital Encore Music System offers the kind of crisp treble and rich bass not often pumped from a table top radio. It comes thanks to a dual 3-inch tweeter and 4-inch woofer powered by a digital class D amp. Further features include a USB to synch to smartphone and tablets and the like, Wi-Fi and one touch pre-sets. There’s enough storage for 100 of your favourite stations.

  • Cone Music Player

    Cone Music Player

    This system isn’t just smart, it actually “thinks.” Cone Music Player, from San Fran-based Aether Things, simplifies your streaming habits by remembering your whats, whens and hows. The elegant, understated design looks terrific and it sports an 8-hour rechargeable battery and an astonishing 20 million-plus tracks, internet stations and podcasts.

  • House of Marley Get Together

    House of Marley Get Together

    Fill your space with the soulful sounds of reggae, or any other groove for that matter, with the epic House of Marley Get Together. Crystal delivery comes courtesy of powerful 1-inch tweeters, while a conveniently mounted top control panel offers optimum command. Looks great too, thanks in no small part to the natural bamboo panels and the company’s exclusive fabric covering.

  • AeroBull


    How do you fancy owning a singing, sunglasses-wearing Bulldog? One of the coolest looking things we’ve ever seen at GearCulture, AeroBull is a high-definition Bluetooth speaker equipped with a lightning connector and CD-playing capabilities. Finished with chrome plating and available in a choice of hues, it won’t fetch your newspaper, but it sure will howl.

  • Beep


    Fancy turning all the speakers in your home wireless? Beep does it easily. Linking all your speakers, receivers and docks, it then works via an iOS or Android app, playing all the music you already have stored or connecting to Pandora – with more service connections coming. With one simple tap, you’ll have your household happily dancing and it’s all controlled either by your personal device or through Beep itself.

  • Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System

    Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System

    Blow your mind and eardrums with the Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System from Fujitsu Ten. Resembling a pair of jet engines, with a roar to match, the stunning minimalist design has been engineered to adapt to all TV and music systems, while the AirPLay capability means they’ll synch just fine with any iOS device too. Get them in black or white.

  • JBL Authentics

    JBL Authentics

     Feast your eyes – and ears – on this pair of audio beauties. Choose from JBL Authentics L8 or L16, two new wireless speaker systems that are compatible with AirPlay, DNLA and Bluetooth 3.0 streaming, using 24-bit, 96kHZ signal paths for optimum sound. Generous woofers and tweeters further enhance the experience while the looks are enhanced by a walnut or gloss black finish.

  • Philips Soup Maker

    Philips Soup Maker

    Soups, compotes and smoothies at the flick of a switch thanks to the Philips Soup Maker, this great little gadget will transform you into a culinary maestro. With five pre-set programs you can even opt to make that soup chunky and it will also keep it nice and warm for up to forty minutes.

  • Wood Speaker

    Wood Speaker

    Crafted from beech with a funky contrasting red braided cloth covered cable, the Wood Speaker may look minimalistic, but its roar is anything but. The built-in amplifier offers a ferocious blast, while the organic case provides clean and balanced acoustics. The rechargeable battery is good for up to five hours and it’s compatible with just about any device with an audio jack.