• Eight Amplifier

    Eight Amplifier

    A stunning accessory for your iPhone 5 or 5s, the Eight Amplifier is hand carved from the very best of sustainably harvested walnut wood. Not only constructed with a conscience, it doesn’t need electricity or batteries and instead its ear-inspired design simply enhances your voice and phone calls. Each one is made to order, which we reckon makes them even cooler still.

  • PlayBulb


    With the PlayBulb, you can enjoy your music anywhere where there’s a light socket. This genius LED light bulb doubles as a Bluetooth wireless speaker for music playback, and can be controlled¬†using your mobile devices. The built-in speaker delivers crisp and surprising big sounds thanks to its advance acoustic technology. Simply install the free MiPow App on your phone or tablet, select your tunes, dim the lights and get the party started.

  • EcoStone


    Back by popular demand is the EcoStone by Grace Digital. This portable Bluetooth speaker is conveniently 100% waterproof, making it the perfect go anywhere speaker. Take it by the pool, to the beach or on a boat, you’ll be at ease knowing it can stand the soaking and even floats back up for easy retrieval. A single charge scores you 12 hours of continuous music playback, and its acoustic design offers big and clear sounds with crisp highs and deep …cotinue reading

  • Vifa Copenhagen Speaker

    Vifa Copenhagen Speaker

    Sublime Scandinavian craftsmanship, the Vifa Copenhagen Speaker is more akin to a luxurious piece of furniture. Not only does it sound absolutely astonishing, but sports a matte aluminum frame with a Kvadrat woven cover and embroidered controls. Features include digital pure path amps, Bluetooth, balance woofers, USB ports and Wi-Fi.

  • Nocs NS2 Air Monitors

    Nocs NS2 Air Monitors

    Available in a rainbow range of colors, these tasty Nocs NS2 Air Monitors can stream tunes via Bluetooth, AirPlay and Spotify, blasting them to your eardrums courtesy of its 80W of power, class D-type amp and 3-inch Kevlar woofers with 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters. The handcrafted cabinets are nicely finished with a rubber coating.  

  • Braven Mira

    Braven Mira

    Sing along to your favorite tunes come shower time with the Braven Mira, a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that’s very, very versatile. Compact, lightweight and wireless, it sports an integrated multi-purpose hook that doubles as a stand or hanger, making it great go-to for those outdoor trips too. Get it in black, or white.