• Leica M10-P

    Leica M10-P

    You need to be seriously skilled in photography and/or seriously skilled in money-making to have a spare eight grand to drop on a camera, but for those that are, the Lecia M10-P is a peach. Not only is it equipped with the traditional M10 goodies like the Maestro II image processor and full frame sensor, but has a fancy new touchscreen and shutter silencer, making it ideal for those that require stealthy shots, like wildlife photographers, paparazzi, and pervs.

  • Iron & Glory Happy Camper Mug

    Iron & Glory Happy Camper Mug

    As great as a steaming hot joe tastes first thing outside the tent in the morning, or following a hard day’s hike, it tastes even better when sipped from a kick-ass cup. The Iron & Glory Happy Camper Mug is just that, forged from stainless steel and aluminum, the double-walled design incorporates a cool carabiner handle and a handy silicone suction lid. Get it in black or silver.

  • Tuft + Paw Cube

    Tuft + Paw Cube

    You’ll not only be caring for your cat when purchasing the Tuft + Paw Cube but helping house strays in no-kill shelters as potions of each sale are sent to animal welfare charities. As for the Cubes, they’re a wonderfully cozy and attractive bed-cum-play area, with a removeable soft cushion and climbable frame, while the sphere doubles as a scratching accessory (your couches will be pleased).

  • Scuf Gaming Vantage PS4 Controller

    Scuf Gaming Vantage PS4 Controller

    Crafted specifically for the PlayStation4, the Scuf Gaming Vantage PS4 Controller is another industry revolution. Catering to gamers of elite levels, they’re engineered to perfectly fit your hand and boast features such as easy-to-reach removable paddles, adjustable triggers, multiple color options, and interchangeable thumbsticks, with wireless capabilities, too.

  • Meater +

    Meater +

    The Meater is a smart thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of food from your mobile device. The probe is stainless steel, water resistant, easy to clean, and connects to your phone using Bluetooth. It is rechargeable and stays charged for over 24 hours. The Meater has a 33-foot range, but with the extender can reach up to 165 feet. The charger safely stores your Meater, has a magnetic backing for anywhere attachment and can charge the Meater …cotinue reading

  • Iron & Glory Tooled Up Multitool

    Iron & Glory Tooled Up Multitool

    Everything you need for a mini-outdoors emergency in one handy contraption, the Iron & Glory Tooled Up Multitool has got your back. Arriving in a rather attractive tin box, the stainless-steel folding tool opens to reveal essentials such as a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, file and, probably most usefully, an LED flashlight.

  • Marshall Minor II

    Marshall Minor II

    A much welcome addition to the legendary audio line, the Marshall Minor II sees an in-ear model join its wireless range. Like the cans that we all know and love, they’re available in black, white or brown, and sport a clever magnetic design that means when you join them together the music automatically pauses, shutting down completely after six hours’ idling. The battery’s good for up to 12 hours and the buds use Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX.

  • HEX iPhone Xs Cases

    HEX iPhone Xs Cases

    It’s almost worth investing in an iPhone as an excuse for investing in one–or more–of these stunning cases. The HEX iPhone Xs Cases not only incorporate RFID blocking slots but are forged from some fabulous leathers (we especially like the stingray), with further useful features including a snap closure, raised front bezel and polycarbonate casing for added protection, and a camera hole.

  • Ninebot Electric Gokart

    Ninebot Electric Gokart

    Who hasn’t dreamt of owning their very own gokart? Thanks to those clever clogs at Segway, you can bag yourself an electric one that storms from 0-12mph in two seconds–the world’s fastest initial acceleration–while also being the world’s first gokart made to drift. It’s called the Ninebot Electric Gokart, and we love it.

  • Origami Tandem Kayak

    Origami Tandem Kayak

    From the firm who invented the world’s first origami kayak way back in 2012 comes another, wait for it, origami kayak. Only this time it’s for two people. The awesome Origami Tandem Kayak means you can share the joy of reaching otherwise inaccessible wet spots thanks to this highly portable, foldable vessel.