• Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

    Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife

    Classic and hardworking, the Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife is Swiss made and carries a warranty for a lifetime of trouble-free use. Its high carbon, stainless steel locking blade and ergonomic wooden grip make it a pleasure to hold and the 4-inch main blade can be easily accessed with one hand. It also includes a convenient nylon belt pouch.

  • Phiaton BT 460

    Phiaton BT 460

    Affordable, high-end audio, the Phiaton BT 460 wireless headphones are equipped with touch interface, bass optimization, Bluetooth and smart play-pause function, while ShareMe technology means your mates can get in on the action too. Making and taking calls is as easy as a swipe of the finger, the fold and go minimalist design is also mega comfortable.

  • Photive Bike Headlight Speaker

    Photive Bike Headlight Speaker

    Cut down on the bulk without sacrificing safety and your personal music selections with the Photive Bike Headlight Speaker. This ingenious invention combines a multiple light mode rechargeable headlight with a built-in wireless speaker. Easily installed on just about any bike and and water resistant mean you can use it no matter what the weather throws your way.

  • Pull-Behind Kayak Cooler

    Pull-Behind Kayak Cooler

    Save space and weight in your kayak–and keep your booze and food colder for longer–with the brilliant Pull-Behind Kayak Cooler. Shaped like a mini-boat, simply tether it to the back of your rig, and, when you reach shore, share the load and carry it with ease thanks to the pair of handles on either side. Also doubles as dry storage, you can get it in red, white, or blue.

  • Le Petit Chef Set

    Le Petit Chef Set

    Set your future Julia Childs up for greatness with the Le Petit Chef Set. Stamped with approval from the America’s Test Kitchen, this child-sized set includes a finger guard, and a stainless steel peeler, and kitchen knife. With a rounded tip and an educational ring to help position little fingers and prevent slipping, this French-made set will help your bourgeoning gourmet get comfortable in the kitchen under your watchful eye.

  • Blue Satellite Headphones

    Blue Satellite Headphones

    Having already set new standards in the studio, Blue Satellite Headphones offers similar high quality audio experience on the street. The foldable, wireless cans boast Bluetooth and outstanding noise cancellation while the in-built amp keeps the sound quality high no matter from where it’s sourced. These get a double thumbs up from GearCulture.

  • Unu Electric Scooter

    Unu Electric Scooter

    Get where you’re going in the Unu Electric Scooter. Environmentally responsible, with a portable battery you can charge easily, you’ll enjoy the freedom of no fumes, no noise, and no limits. Get yours delivered right to your doorstep all in one box.

  • B&O Beoplay M5

    B&O Beoplay M5

    A super stylish wireless speaker that promises to fill your home with blissful surround sound, the B&O Beoplay M5 functions magnificently alone or even hooked up to other speakers around your home or work space. The powerful little unit can connect via Bluetooth or Apple Airplay while supporting both Beolink Multiroom and Google Chromecast built-in.

  • BoostSound BTS-09

    BoostSound BTS-09

    Fill your room with rich stereo audio from your mobile device with the BoostSound BTS-09 speaker. With DSP and Inter-IC Sound technology, deep bass from dual passive radiators, and 2*10W full range drivers, you’ll never want to stop the music. And then, there’s how cool it looks. An elegant aluminum alloy mesh is complemented by a pure white ABS back cover that has a dimmable LED background light wiyh three brightness levels and up to 10,000 hours of working time.

  • Best Made Brass Higo

    Best Made Brass Higo

    Available in three sizes, the Best Made Brass Higo is legendary for quality and style. Made from Aogami No. 2 blue steel, with a polished brass handle, this 3.7-inch pocketknife is emblazoned with Best on one side and Made on the other. Handcrafted in Japan from fifth-generation Japanese knife makers, the Best Made Brass Higo is built to continue the tradition of superior knife making into the next century.