• Bossa Moonraker

    Bossa Moonraker

    Promising to lure your eyes as well as your ears, Bossa Moonraker boasts a slick, mid-century design, the tech housed in fashionable white spheres perched atop a white ash, reclaimed teak, or black walnut tripod. Capable of connecting via Bluetooth and good old fashioned cable, the bi-amplified pair of speakers are controlled via an easy-to-use remote.

  • Backgammon And Checkers Travel Bag

    Backgammon And Checkers Travel Bag

    In this digital age, it’s easy to forget the joy to be derived from good old fashioned board games won via wit and cunning, and you get two for the price of one with this attractive set. Backgammon and Checkers Travel Bag sports a handy and attractive canvas “board,” with leather drawstring, that doubles as a carry sack for the beautiful wooden dice, dice cup, and pieces.

  • Tern Bicycles GSD e-Bike

    Tern Bicycles GSD e-Bike

    Sure to put a smile on the face of all that ride it–and all that see it being ridden–the Tern Bicycles GSD e-Bike is full of fantastically family friendly features, able to carry two kids, a week’s worth of groceries, or up to 180kg of cargo–yet measures just 180cm long, and can be packed down to a third of its volume in just 10 seconds.

  • PDW Badger

    PDW Badger

    This is one knife you would want to bring to a gunfight. Named after a compact nighttime critter that sure can be ferocious if its buttons are pushed, the PDW Badger is a highly detailed, exquisitely machined tool that riffs on the ancient design of spear point blades, crafted from high-end S35VN steel and titanium, its retractable point sliding from the handle courtesy of a glow-in-the-dark dual thumb stud.

  • HP Pavilion All-in-One

    HP Pavilion All-in-One

    What an attractive unit the all-new HP Pavilion All-in-One is, proffering an FHD or QHD edge-to-edge optional touch display positioned above custom tuned B&O Play HP speakers finished with fabric. Inside, the 7th-gen Intel Core processor is assisted by up to 16GB of RAM and up to 4k resolution. The super slim display (as thin as a third of an inch) can be angled from -5 to 35 degrees. This one’s sure to inspire your creativity.

  • MOVI Standing Desk

    MOVI Standing Desk

    The jury’s in–we’re all (as in society, not just us GearCulture HQ) sitting down too much. The MOVI Standing Desk promises to help take care of the environment as well as our well-being thanks to its construction from sustainable bamboo–simply pop it atop your existing desk (so you don’t have to spend all day standing) and effortlessly lift it with the electric button. Remember, a healthy body is a healthy mind, too.

  • Life Gear Light WRX

    Life Gear Light WRX

    A next generation multi-tool, Life Gear Light WRX is an attractive, comfortable to carry and use, a six-in-one gadget that sports the usual suspects such as a blade, bottle opener, and screwdriver, but also an LED flashlight. Promising to get you out of all sorts of binds, it’s waterproof and forged from stainless steel with a nylon polymer handle meaning it can more than withstand any adventure you throw at it.

  • Paralenz


    An action cam especially designed to withstand the rigors of diving, Paralenz is about as durable as recording equipment gets. A world-first, this scuba sensation has been engineered to capture up to two-hours’ worth of 4K footage at up to depths of 656 feet, as well as high definition stills with auto color correction. It’s worth taking up deep sea diving for.