• Ultra Bloom Adventure Shoe

    Ultra Bloom Adventure Shoe

    Enjoy the freedom of the feel of a barefoot, with plenty of protection for unlimited coastal explorations, thanks to the Ultra Bloom Adventure Shoe. Surf brand Finisterre and have teamed up with minimalist running shoe maestros Vivobarefoot to produce some amphibious footwear to create a shoe with features like a puncture-resistant sole and quick-lace system. The upper’s crafted from revolutionary algae-based BLOOM foam that’s kinder to the environment.

  • Salt River Baseball Glove Wallet

    Salt River Baseball Glove Wallet

    These rustic wallets have been upcycled from used baseball gloves, providing a stylish accessory to keep your cards and money safe. With each individual high-quality leather wallet brandishing its own unique scuffs and marks from their playing days, this is a great way to show your love for one of the nation’s favorite sports. These wallets are expertly crafted in Missouri by Salt River. They have produced real beauties with the Baseball Glove Wallets. Each wallet is unique with its …cotinue reading

  • G.I. Joe Cologne

    G.I. Joe Cologne

    Ever wondered what G.I Joe might have smelled like? G.I. Joe was a childhood hero we all loved which explains why bottling the scent of the charismatic figure resonates with us on a geek level. It has a military theme of course, the bottle comes in a Canvas storage Pouch with a “Real American Hero” tag. The canteen-like flask is something you would expect a G.I. Joe character to drink from. The cologne itself smells of hickory and smoky flint …cotinue reading

  • Vollebak 100 Year Hoodie Granite Edition

    Vollebak 100 Year Hoodie Granite Edition

    Unless you happen to work for Nasa, the police force or the military, you won’t get your hands on a top tougher than the Vollebak 100 Year Hoodie Granite Edition, cotton-soft yet constructed from the same materials in spacesuits, body armor and even aircraft carriers. Seriously. It takes a month to make each one and is designed to last a lifetime.

  • G-SHOCK GPR-B1000 Rangeman

    G-SHOCK GPR-B1000 Rangeman

    The G-Shock GPR-B1000 Rangeman GPS watch is the ultimate survivor device for your wrist. The mud resistant structure, carbon fiber insert band, and ceramic case back make it tough enough to survive the extreme conditions. It combines Recall mode and cutting-edge back-track technology, along with point memory to allow you to find your way in unfamiliar territory. You can synchronize it with your smartphone to project 3D map displays on the screen. It is solar-rechargeable so it always has power …cotinue reading

  • Hardgraft Collected Shoulder Bag

    Hardgraft Collected Shoulder Bag

    Be careful, this sumptuous man-bag is likely to outshine anything your significant other may have hanging in her closet which may lead to some serious bag envy, and possibly theft. The Italian-made Hardgraft Shoulder Bag is simply beautiful, stitched from washed leather with a clever wraparound zipper for easy access, a removable shoulder strap and a nifty pair of carrying handles.