• Adidas Samba Luzhniki

    Adidas Samba Luzhniki

    Since it is a World Cup year, the tournament is being celebrated in the streetwear scene. The new Adidas Samba Luzhniki draws inspiration from this year’s summer tournament in Russia, and more specifically the stadium that will host the 2018 Final match. The shoe is made of top quality leather embellished with granite and scarlet colors to compliment the host nation’s national team. The shoes each have a red star at the back to pay further tribute to Russia. Vintage …cotinue reading

  • The Goods Chord

    The Goods Chord

    Whether you want an easily readable and conveniently placed cheat sheet of basic jazz and guitar chords, and/or some stylish wristwear that shows off your musical taste then opt for The Good Chord. The high quality band is forged from vegetable tanned leather sealed with magnetic clasps and is made in L.A.

  • Louis Vuitton Men’s Fragrance Collection

    Louis Vuitton Men’s Fragrance Collection

    Few brands in the world are held in such high esteem as much as Louis Vuitton is. Now Louis Vuitton has announced that they will be venturing into the male fragrances market. Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, a legendary perfumer, whose fingerprints are all over the female version of the project is responsible for this line. The collection features Sur La Route that has a tinge of freshly cut grass, Orage with a musky, woody fragrance, Nouveau Monde which has a scent …cotinue reading

  • Ipanema Sandals

    Ipanema Sandals

    From joyous palm trees to the planks of a boardwalk to cool, understated plain bold coloring, there’s something for everyone in the range of Ipanema Sandals, named after the hip beachside neighborhood of Rio. Comfort is enhanced thanks to gentle anatomic shaping and, in some of the offerings, a perforated strap.

  • New Balance x London Marathon 1500 Sneakers

    New Balance x London Marathon 1500 Sneakers

    London Marathon is a world-famous run that’s on every runner’s bucket list. So New Balance has teamed up with the event to engineer this stylish and lightweight running shoe, designed for comfort and support whether you’re on a one-mile jog or a hardcore 26-mile marathon. They don’t just claim to be comfortable and supportive, they also incorporate a new upper with a FantomFit cage, engulfed by breathable engineered mesh to leave you concentrating on your running rather than the pain …cotinue reading

  • Orbitkey Active

    Orbitkey Active

    Available in a slew of understated hues, and forged from water- and dust-resistent TPU polymer or handmade cowhide leather, the Orbitkey Active is a highly versatile, highly stylish organizing system that fit 2-7 keys, neatly, and noise-free. Stop scratches and jingles and add useful everyday accessories like a USB port or multi-tool, too. You won’t even notice it’s in your pocket.