• ManBQue


    A GearCulture guy’s bible, ManBQue is all about meat, beer, rock and a whole lotta roll. Learn how to grind and grill the perfect burger, sear that steak and make your own sausages. There are even a few pages on salad, which make great kindling, and reams of useful info such as pairing the right booze with the right food.

  • Winter Cocktails

    Winter Cocktails

    Warm and soothe your senses and put a smile on yours and others faces during a polar vortex or chilly months thanks to this must-have tome, Winter Cocktails. The collection of tepid tipples and mixed drinks, courtesy of María del Mar Sacasa and Tara Striano, includes mulled ciders, hot toddies and eggnogs. There are over 50 recipes to get through and we’re sure you’ll manage that just fine.

  • Bacon 24/7

    Bacon 24/7

    Is there anything quite like the smell of sizzling bacon? Bacon 24/7 is a mouth-watering cookbook providing a whole heap of ideas for curing, smoking and cooking your bacon at home. Written by Theresa Gilliam and photographed by E Jane Armstrong, it includes recipes to suit all hours, from dawn until dusk and beyond.

  • Hot Sauce!

    Hot Sauce!

    Some like it hot, others like it hotter, and for those that do, Hot Sauce! is a must-have addition to the cookery book shelf. It contains 32 recipes for your own signature hot sauces and a further 60 homemade or commercial recipes for spice-lovers. Renowned food author Jenifer Trainer Thompson even throws in some ideas for some tonsil-teasing cocktails too. Enjoy. With caution.

  • Drunken Botanist

    Drunken Botanist

    Not that we’re implying you’re some sort of alcoholic, but chances are, you love booze. And chances are you also know surprisingly little about what may (or may not) be a much-loved part of your life. Step forward Drunken Botanist, a New York Times bestselling tome about the world’s most favorite drug, from its history, its varying ingredients along with the best ways to mix and even grow your own crop.

  • Dutch


    Drugs, darkness, despair and debauchery, Dutch centers around two brothers, in therapy, on a mission of self-destruction. Carrying the scars of a bruising childhood, they head to Hong Kong and embark on a nihilistic voyage that’ll make you laugh, wince and even weep. It’s one the coolest yarns you’ll ever read.

  • Hot Sauce Cookbook

    Hot Sauce Cookbook

    For daredevil culinary fans who enjoy giving their taste buds a good spanking, get yourself some tantalizing tips from the Hot Sauce Cookbook. It’s the definitive guide to that most devilish of condiments. Compiled by legendary food author Robb Walsh, it boasts dozens of recipes from around the globe for both homemade pepper sauces and salsa dips. Yummy.

  • The Field Guide to Manhood

    The Field Guide to Manhood

    For nearly one hundred years Barbasol have been one of America’s most iconic male brands, so who better to formulate a book of man? A little like that book passed down from brother to brother in American Pie, but less trashy, the Field Guide to Manhood is a collection of man-tips from generations-passed and present covering all from eating, drinking, shaving and how to survive a bear attack. Honestly.

  • Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition

    Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition

    A celebration of half a century of motoring God-ness, the Porsche 911 Book: 50th Anniversary Edition is 300-page tribute to a true icon. There are 250 gorgeous full color photographs courtesy of Rene Staud packaged beautifully as a hardback coffee table book. It covers all the greatest models, from the 901 in 1963 through to the contemporary 991. There aren’t too many words in it, which may please some of you.

  • A Journey Through Texas Barbecue

    A Journey Through Texas Barbecue

    Written by highly-respected food blogger, Daniel Vaughn, The Prophets of Smoked Meat: A Journey Through Texas Barbecue is the result of over 10,000 miles worth of trekking through the southern state’s legendary wood-smoking traditions. There’s a host of recipes from cowboy style to barbocoa and all are complimented by mouth-watering photos courtesy of Nicholas McWhirter.