• Baconnaise


    Remember when bacon was cool? Well, guess what? It still is. Which is why we’re reviving Baconnaise. Yes, it’s way better than regular mayo and yes, it’s tasty too thanks to the rich bacon flavor. Feel free to slather it on sandwiches, salads, dips, fish, chicken, burgers or whatever. Go ahead, no judgement.

  • MUJI Tiny House

    MUJI Tiny House

    Known for simple, well-designed apparel, home goods, and lifestyle products, Japanese minimalist brand MUJI is jumping on dinky dwelling bandwagon. Their tiny timber home is a 100-square foot pre-fab cabin features an extended, covered front porch, sliding glass door and an exterior wrapped in “shou sugi ban” or charred timber. The price includes materials and construction fees.    

  • Rock N Roll Tequila

    Rock N Roll Tequila

    Served in undoubtedly the coolest bottles that we’ve ever seen at GearCulture, Rock N Roll Tequila means you can take your tipple from a guitar. The trio of tasting tequilas is sure to coax out your inner rock star–whether you opt for the Platinum Silver, Cristalino Anejo or Mango Tequila. You won’t be wanting any salt or lemon to hide these flavors.

  • Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante

    Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante

    The newest ready-to-serve michelada, Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante, has a refreshing flavor profile that features beer, tomato, salt, lime, tamarind and chipotle peppers. The second chelada flavor to join the Casa Modelo lineup, Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante offers a spicy yet sweet taste that is a celebration of traditional Mexican ingredients. Unlike any other chelada you’ve ever tried, Modelo Chelada Tamarindo Picante is the epitome of unique and authentic flavor.

  • Billy Twang Old No. 3 Rub for Your Meat

    Billy Twang Old No. 3 Rub for Your Meat

    When you’re hankering for tastier eats off the grill, don’t just use any seasonings found in your closest grocery shelf. Instead, rub your meat with some of Billy Twang’s Old No. 3. It contains the finest blend of ingredients found around the world, including hand harvested fleur de sel from the Guerande Salt Marches of France, spicy Tellicherry black peppercorns from the Malabar Coast of India, and granulated garlic from Gilroy, California (renowned as the Garlic Capital of the World).

  • BroBasket


    Drop some hints or score some serious kudos as a gift giver with BroBasket, a collection of man stuff delivered straight to the door. Think of it as a florist without the femininity–or flowers–with petals replaced by bottles of beer, bourbon and/or man snacks. Mix and match, each order is fully customizable–there’s one sat in our office right now. (It was full of booze.)

  • Captain Morgan LocoNut

    Captain Morgan LocoNut

    Raise a glass–or a Jolly Roger–there’s a new rum in town and it’s called Captain Morgan LocoNut. Served in a spherical vessel that would do Jack Sparrow proud, this tasty tipple is a cocktail of Caribbean rum, coconut liqueur and spices–and what’s more it’s gluten-free. Available from specialist stores only, stock up for summer.

  • Blue Apron

    Blue Apron

    Preparing healthy, farm-to-table meals has never been easier. Blue Apron cuts out the middleman, annoying shopping experiences, and search for fresh ingredients by sending you everything you need to create incredible meals using easy, step-by-step recipes. With Blue Apron’s model, you’ll enjoy better ingredients, better pricing, and help to make the planet a better place. You’ll also never have to be stumped by that dreaded, “What’s for dinner?” question again.