• KC Cattle Co Wagyu Beef

    KC Cattle Co Wagyu Beef

    A sumptuous selection of slabs of premium meats that promise to melt in your mouth, KC Cattle Co Wagyu Beef is among the best we’ve sampled (and even better with a side of scotch or bourbon). It’s yours in a choice of cuts–including ribs and ground–and we recommend you keep things on the rarer size, nobody wants to be chewing on a tire when the meat’s this good.

  • HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water

    HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water

    H2O, but not as you know it, HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water is aqua with some extra oomph. Clinically proven to increase athletic performance and reduce the following inflammation while delivering a good dose of antioxidants too, this wonder water is also sourced and engineered in the US of A. Enjoy it from a pouch or can.

  • Blood Sweat Tears Vodka

    Blood Sweat Tears Vodka

    As the name suggests, much love and thought goes into crafting each bottle of Blood Sweat Tears Vodka, and it sure shows. Small-batch, boutique booze at its very best, it’s a rebellious take on the classic Russian tipple, triple-distilled through the Pacific Northwest winter from their Oregon base for a rich, and characterful drop that’s super smooth to boot. We’re loving the matte-black bottle and striking artwork, too.

  • Hydrology9 Vaporizer

    Hydrology9 Vaporizer

    The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Vaporizer is made with painstaking attention-to-detail. Cloudious takes extreme pride in every aspect of their products, designing each for the ultimate user experience. You get the vaporizer, AC adapter and charging cable, user manual, and a cleaning set. You can add on a carrying case, glass cylinder tube, adapter kit, rotating stir cover, or cleaning kit for extra and get the most premium experience possible. The body is made of space grade anodized aluminum alloy with a …cotinue reading

  • Victoria House

    Victoria House

    Another incredible erection from the clever architectural clogs at Breakform Design, Victoria House rises from a spot in Venice, California, just a short stroll from the beach. The modern, angular structure fills with natural light and features enormous sliding glass doors that open to receive the sea breeze (no need for air-con), walnut kitchen cabinets, and a gloriously landscaped rooftop deck.

  • SPAM with Bacon

    SPAM with Bacon

    Spam and their wide selection of luncheon meat make the world a better place. Our favorite, SPAM with Bacon is a combination of SPAM Classic and bacon in a can. Just like the classic, this version is delicious, convenient and budget friendly. This fully cooked meat is ready to go whenever, wherever and can be served hot or cold.