• Eagle Spyder GT
  • Moccamaster
  • Where Bartenders Drink
  • PowerRay Fishfinder
  • Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard
  • Eagle Spyder GT

    Eagle Spyder GT

    Hands down the most beautiful automobile we’ve seen at GearCulture this year, this decade maybe, even, the Eagle Spyder GT is one super smooth beast. Based on the iconic Jaguar E-Type, it harbors a 4.7-liter straight six engine that generates 330hp and 340lb/ft of torque and will take you from stop to 60mph in less than five seconds. But just look at it. Look at it!

  • Moccamaster


    For those finicky about how they take their coffee–and why wouldn’t you be?–the Moccamaster is just the kitchen ticket. A specific range of well though-out features such as an auto drip-stop brew basket with glass carafe, auto-adjusting hot plate for optimum temperature and a consistent brewing range means coffee blooms perfectly during the extraction process, leaving you feeling satisfied.

  • Where Bartenders Drink

    Where Bartenders Drink

    Want to know the best spots to score the best cocktails and craft beers in the very best bars? Then grab a copy of Where Bartenders Drink, an anti-teetotal tome concocted by hundreds of alcohol experts offering up the locations of 750 drinking dens across dozens of countries–covering everything from neighborhood ‘locals’ to legendary high-end hotel bars.

  • PowerRay Fishfinder

    PowerRay Fishfinder

    The ultimate fishing hack, the PowerRay Fishfinder is your very own personal submersible device akin to an underwater drone that will attract your catch to its affixed luring light. If that’s not cool enough, there’s even an inbuilt camera so you can see what’s going on below the surface–opt for some virtual reality goggles and you have yourself a whole new universe, especially if there are some sharks or whales around.

  • Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

    Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

    Type your utterances in utter comfort with the Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard. The clever design promises to alleviate hand and wrist strains thanks to an ingenious sloped board that raises from the desk to better fit the natural shape of your palms, backed by a super soft rest and responsive touch keys.

  • HexaTraction Clear Surf Grips

    HexaTraction Clear Surf Grips

    Stop dealing with messy and annoying wax and get clean and clear surfboard protection with HexaTraction Clear Surf Grips. Minimally abrasive, HexaTraction won’t add weight to your board or tear you up as you paddle. It’ll just provide a consistent, non-aggressive wax alternative. The included jip makes installation easy, with consistent spacing between the subtle hexagon pattern.

  • Helly Hansen Highlands Jacket

    Helly Hansen Highlands Jacket

    Available in four appropriately named colors like Jungle Green and Rock, the Helly Hansen Highlands Jacket promises to keep you protected both on the trails and city streets. The super stylish parka design is breathable and waterproof with features like cargo hand pockets, a packable hood that can be adjusted with one hand and an anti-chafe chin loop.

  • i.Con Smart Condom

    i.Con Smart Condom

    Sometimes at GearCulture HQ we’re amused by the offerings that roll onto our desks, occasionally we’re amazed, but rarely have we been as amused and amazed (and a little bit afraid) by the i.Con Smart Condom, a rubber that promises to let you know how good you are–or not–in the sack. But the world’s first fitness tracker for your Johnson wasn’t just designed to make you feel inadequate–it’ll keep tabs on your sexual health too.

  • Sandborn Canoe

    Sandborn Canoe

    Get adventuring old-school with a glorious Sandborn Canoe, a collection of vessels carved from high-end materials like Kevlar and ash and cherry hardwoods by highly skilled craftsmen. Each hull is finished with a unique paintwork job that promises to turn some heads–at least while it’s strapped to your roof on the way to your watery wildernesses.

  • Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Range Rover Velar

    Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Range Rover Velar

    As elegant and as tough and as adventurous as its automotive namesake, the Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Range Rover Velar sports a stunning brushed charcoal dial with copper accents and a see-through back to watch the wander of its automatic movement. You’ll find no tacky branding of the car manufacturer on the face, and the strap is forged from calfskin.