• Focal Kanta Hi-Fi Speakers
  • Little Guy Espresso Maker
  • 2019 Lexus ES
  • Polaroid OneStep+
  • Planet 6 UnderStands
  • Focal Kanta Hi-Fi Speakers

    Focal Kanta Hi-Fi Speakers

    You know that speakers are good when they fill your environment with sounds that you have never heard before while listening to old favorites. This is Focal Kanta Hi-Fi Speakers in a nutshell. They have a great line of speakers that are truly innovative. Like the Utopia III Evo and SOPRA lines. These speakers produce sound so good that you will feel like you are listening to the songs for the first time. These speakers have a beautiful design and …cotinue reading

  • Little Guy Espresso Maker

    Little Guy Espresso Maker

    The Little Guy puts a shiny twist on classic stovetop espresso. With an automatic cut off, this mirrored finish, Italian style espresso maker can make two espresso shots without burning the coffee grind. It comes boxed with its very own traveling case, two Italian-designed latte glasses, a steel milk jug and a baristas training session on DVD.

  • 2019 Lexus ES

    2019 Lexus ES

    The 2019 Lexus ES is a completely new Lexus experience with 7 models to choose from. Elegance and performance collide and the result is explosive and stylish. It comes in several color options. You can build your ES with options like interior colors, premium audio, rear cross-traffic alert, navigation, flaxen leather and bamboo trim, wood and leather trim steering wheel, open/close trunk kick sensor and much more. These Lexus models turn heads and elicit gasps from those on the outside. …cotinue reading

  • Polaroid OneStep+

    Polaroid OneStep+

    What once was old is new again and instant cameras are in fact new again as everyone gets in on the instant camera craze. The Polaroid OneStep+ is just like the original Polaroid camera. It is easy to use with a 60-day battery life, flash and self-timer mode. The Bluetooth-connected app gives you some extra features like full manual control, double exposure, light painting, noise trigger and much more. You can also switch between two different lenses. One for portraits …cotinue reading

  • Planet 6 UnderStands

    Planet 6 UnderStands

    When you’re rocking your Apple products, you want a stand that is as elegantly designed as they are. These pieces are made with old-world craftsmanship and come in walnut and urban ash and feature hand-cut dovetail joinery, as well as six drawers for all of your gear and accessories. It features contiguous woodgrain across all surfaces. You won’t find a more eye-pleasing stand for your computer. It is as much a joy to use as it is to look at. …cotinue reading

  • Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

    Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

    Thanksgiving just got a lot safer and healthier for the fried turkey lovers with the Oil-Less Turkey Fryer by Char-Broil. This device uses infrared technology that cooks an entire turkey without the use of cooking oil. The cooking is done in a double-wall, cylindrical chamber, powered by a propane-fueled, 18,000 BTU burner. With a stainless steel inner wall, heat is distributed evenly, ensuring foods are cooked thoroughly with juicy and crisp results. And the best part, it automatically cooks at …cotinue reading

  • Sorel Conquest Snow Boots

    Sorel Conquest Snow Boots

    Keep your feet warm and dry during winter with the Conquest Snow Boots from Sorel. This rugged boot keeps the slushies out when trekking in deep snow with its seam sealed, waterproof nubuck and suede leather and built-in gaiter/bootie with barrel lock closure. The interior is insulated with Thinsulate Ultra withstand cold, winter temperatures up to a minus 40 degree Fahrenheit and lined with Dri-Lex fleece for comfort.

  • Cast Iron Pig Bacon Press

    Cast Iron Pig Bacon Press

    Don’t let the pig’s commitment go to waste by half-assing breakfast. Prevent your bacon from curling up with the Pig Bacon Press by Norpo. This press is made of heavy cast iron with a wooden knob handle that weighs down bacon strips flat for fast and even cooking.

  • Loctote Flak Sack

    Loctote Flak Sack

    The Loctote Flak Sack is exactly what it sounds like. A sack with a lock. They are comfortable to carry and secure. You can’t even slash it open with a knife. They use a FLAKnit fabric which is exclusive and slash-proof fabric that’s virtually indestructible yet remains soft. The slash-resistant toughness comes from the superior cut protection of Honeywell’s UHMWPE Spectra fiber, which is the same fiber used in police vests and military gear. Oh yeah, your stuff is safe …cotinue reading

  • HyperChiller


    Cold drinks aren’t just for the summer. I mean, that’s when they are the best, but cold drinks are great year round. And if you need to chill your coffee, juice, tea, wine or anything else quickly, the HyperChiller does the job. It chills beverages without dillution. As if you added 30 ice cubes to your drink, without having a watered down experience. It is made of three nested chambers that easily screw into each other. Just fill the small …cotinue reading