• ECD Project Force

    ECD Project Force

    The latest menacing machine to roll off the ever-legendary ECD production line is a souped-up Land Rover Defender D130 named ECD Project Force. And a helluva lot of force does this thing project thanks to the likes of a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine, a Borla exhaust, and disc brakes all finished in a classy Stormtrooper-esque white with black trim. The quilted leather interior keeps things comfortable as you tackle terrain few other SUVs would dare go.

  • Pelican Go G40 Case

    Pelican Go G40 Case

    A super-useful accessory for the adventuring GearCulture guy, the Pelican Go G40 Case fends off dust, dirt, sand, and water up to 1.5m deep for up to half-an-hour. Rest–or explore–easy knowing your phone, cash and cards are safe in this easy-to-access abrasion- and impact-proof rubberized shell with handy organizational features including a divider tray, card slots, and management strap.

  • Swiza D03 All Black Swiss Pocket Knife

    Swiza D03 All Black Swiss Pocket Knife

    In case you hadn’t noticed the Swiss know a thing or two about crafting blades, the Swiza D03 All Black Swiss Pocket Knife–though not made by Victorinox–is a fine addition to the nation’s range. Fashioned from chrome and molybdenum alloy with a PVD titanium nitride coating, the elegant EDC houses just about everything you need for socializing in the backyard or trips to the coast or campsite.

  • Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

    Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

    For those wishing to complete those alpine tracks in double-quick time, the Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra is lighter and more flexible than most, with 18 stainless steel spikes, welded double-link chains, Velcro fastenings, a wide-heel plate for downhill stability and a carry bag chucked in. Just don’t be in such a hurry that you forget to savor some views.

  • Maxtrax Vehicle Extraction Tool

    Maxtrax Vehicle Extraction Tool

    A must-have for regular off-roaders or those that live in wintery climes, the Matrix Extraction Tool ensures an easy way out of mud, snow or sand. Crafted from engineer-grade reinforced nylon, the cleats sink into the tires’ tread to prevent slippage, while handy built-in shovels mean you can clear away excess debris beneath your vehicle with ease.

  • Roland Aerophone Go Digital Wind Instrument

    Roland Aerophone Go Digital Wind Instrument

    The musical playing possibilities are almost endless with the Roland Aerophone Go Digital Wind Instrument, and what’s more it’s earphone-friendly design means you don’t have to disturb a soul with your soulful renditions. Options include converting it into a sax (four variations), flute or clarinet, and it comes with its own soft case.