• AXOR Starck Organic HighRiser Faucet
  • Sage Evoke
  • Allbirds x Wellington Wool Runner
  • Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet
  • Control Freak
  • AXOR Starck Organic HighRiser Faucet

    AXOR Starck Organic HighRiser Faucet

    Seductively designed, with an eco-friendly core, the AXOR Starck Organic HighRiser Faucet’s organic design ensures a full water experience that can save up to 60% water. The ergonomic handle adds function and comfort with every use. While the unique rotating spout controls volume and the 90 no-clog spray channels provide a revolutionary spray pattern. At home in any environment, this beauty is a winner.

  • Sage Evoke

    Sage Evoke

    The Sage Evoke Fly Reel was designed especially for the most hardcore fly fishers that wanted more control to take the big catch. Featuring a modified full frame with exposed dual palming rim, the Evoke lets you add fingertip or palm pressure from either side, so reeling is completely in your hands. Using a proven fish-stopping intuitive carbon drag design, the stainless steel dowel pins give the reel its staunch rigidity, for superior precision. The Evoke will make the difference …cotinue reading

  • Allbirds x Wellington Wool Runner

    Allbirds x Wellington Wool Runner

    Make your feet wolves in sheep’s clothing with the uber-stylish Allbirds x Wellington Wool Runner. The magic properties of the all-natural material means they’re both lightweight and breathable, flexible, moisture wicking and odor repellent–you can even safely go sockless. The cool wool New Zealand design–available in three finishes–sports a funky black sole, the classic color of those quirky Kiwis.

  • Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet

    Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet

    Made to order by human hands, the Hitch & Timber EDC Wallet perfectly stores your cards, pen, and pocketknife, in beautiful 4 oz. American tanned Horween leather. Simple, refined, and meticulously handcrafted, the EDC Wallet is a testament to good taste.

  • Control Freak

    Control Freak

    Serious cooks understand how a slight temperature change while cooking delicate dishes can be the difference between delightful and disastrous. Enter the Control Freak–where precision meets control. The Control Freak constantly monitors cooking temperatures–20 times per second–and powers the temperature to return to your specifications as quickly as possible. The probe, probe holder, USB drive, and a convenient carry bag are all included, so you’ll have everything you need to start cooking.

  • Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum

    Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum

    Insure a quick and thorough cleanup after a messy job using the Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum. This high performance adaptable handheld vacuum has best-in-class suction to rid your space of drywall dust, wood/metal shavings, and common jobsite debris. Made with versatility in mind, it comes with two extension wands, 4 feet of flexible hose, a crevice tool, floor tool, and a removable HEPA filter.

  • Tough Hands

    Tough Hands

    Take the best of care with your hardworking paws and ensure they’re lubricated like a well-oiled machine with Tough Hands from Du’It. Whether your hands are cracked, chafed or calloused, this all natural skin conditioner, packed with healing vitamin E and anti-microbial lemon myrtle and tea tree, promises to have them ship shape in no time, best of all without leaving a greasy residue.

  • Hideaway Jacket

    Hideaway Jacket

    Always be prepared for unexpected weather shifts with the Hideaway Jacket. Made of ripstop waterproof nylon, this windbreaker is so small; it’ll fit anywhere–purse, bike jersey, glove box. But here’s the secret weapon–the Hideaway Jacket has strategically placed panels built into its design that can be used for any type of insulation: dry leaves, newspaper, cotton. It instantly transforms from a compact windbreaker to a warm puffy coat.

  • W&P Design Clear Ice Mold

    W&P Design Clear Ice Mold

    When your “on the rocks” request needs to make an impression, the W&P Design Clear Ice Mold has your back. Elevating your ice, the mold makes one extra large, crystal clear ice cube that is a perfect accompaniment to your favorite spirit or craft cocktail. Using an insulated sleeve, the Clear Ice Mold freezes from the top down, forcing any bubbles or impurities to the mold base. The result is clearly superior.

  • Grovemade Watch

    Grovemade Watch

    Boasting an intriguing dial of hand sanded hardwood with a precision and calibrated stainless steel module and a strap of vegetable tanned leather, the Grovemade watch promises to be a classic in the making. It may take a little getting used to telling the time on the stunning understated, minimalist design, which is yours in a choice of three colorways, but it will be time well spent.